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Paying homage to the Boom-Bap era of yore, Mane Rok & Es Nine Present: En Stereo. Taking it back to the roots of why we love Hip-Hop and endure so much for her.


released June 23, 2011

All songs written/produced/recorded/mixed & by Es Nine C.Ayala (ASCAP)
All Songs written/produced by Mane Rok S.Baron (ASCAP)
All Cuts by Es Nine


Rhias of Air Dubai,
Sarah Golay,
Jaimee Salgado,
Kam Moye aka Supastition,
Prince Po (Organized Konfusion)


all rights reserved



En Stereo Denver, Colorado

"Mane Rok and Es-Nine took it back to the early '90s with this one, and they knocked it out of the park." - Ru Johnson-Village Voice Media

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Track Name: En Stereo
Search through a treasure chest full of that black crack/
Mad stacks of vinyl for schooling these wack cats/
With no regards for classics contained in 12 inch pressings/
Even 45’s can shoot out some of the best things/
Ever known to man but no heard by human ears/
Dog can you dig the thing that we’re doing here/
Taking something long forgotten and obsolete/
Sample-Cut-Chop-Es Nine drops the beat/
Break loops, take two, assign them to pads/
Juxtaposed by these pro’s-designed in the lab/
Analog amalgamation-digitally decomposed/
Creates a composition comprised of people’s souls/
Orginals, Funk, Reggae, Rock, Regardless/
Of what came first final version knocks the hardest/
Some say it aint music-“Well it aint fair”
Hip-Hop didn’t die just moved to 38th square!
Beating up your speakers live-En Stereo
Dug from the depths of crates were folks bear their souls/
Dust it off, flip it up, play it again/
Dedicated to Herc for creating this trend!
“The Smooth criminal on beat breaks/
Never put me in your box if your shit eats tapes/
Mane Rok
The Smooth criminal on beat breaks/
Never put me in your box if your shit eats tapes/
Es Nine”
Track Name: A Game
(Verse 1)
Back in the swing of things, king of kings redeems the scene/
Sammy SoSuReal-Mane Rok/
Pointing past fences, calling my shots/
That’s why it shouldn’t be a question if I’m balling or not/
So Don’t worry if I write checks, I write rhymes/
Achieve more in 3 minutes than most get in a life time/
Run a full court press-while fools court jest/
They talk a good game but you’ll notice/
“What Kid?”
They-fall over them selves, when I fake left and go right/
Wrist shatter, ankles break, when I hold mics/
“Keep It Clean” that’s the same thing, they told Mike/
Round for round, pound for pound/
One of a few true champions from ‘round this town/
Every contender/pretender, glass jaw yapping/
While we studio update-that’s what’s happening
(Chorus x2)
Hut 1, Hut 2, Hut 3 HUT!
Big Mane Rok-Live and uncut!
“You know I bring it to you live!”
(Verse 2)
“What? You think this is a game?”
From side line commentators to fans in the stands/
To rappers on tracks that I’m lapping again/
The instant that I touch down a pad with pen/
Every single one of them wondering will I fumble when/
Trouble comes from the other end-NOPE-stick to my goal/
Like Dyalekt dictates “Dreams are for sleeping”
On my hustle every sabbath burning teams on the weakend/
“Shooting for the stars” of course, that’s A.V.I.U.S.
The difference between professionals and what a novice is/
Problems get benched-realize they’re out of their league/
With no plan of attack-don’t know how to compete/
We stay head strong, offensive in the red zone/
No need for sudden death over time, opponents dead wrong/
That “moment of truth” “they step in the arena”/
With future hall of famers straight checking non-believers!
(Chorus x2)
One thing in mind, I see victory/
Playing a game, well this aint it to me (x3)
Track Name: What You Mean Ft. Rhias (Air Dubai), Sarah Golay & Jaimee Salgado
(Verse 1:Mane Rok)
Permanently embedded inside/
A stake of my heart, head and my life/
Nothing can keep us apart that's why I'm Ready to die/
'cause there'll be records of our love setting the vibe/
Growing together molding forever/
Changing perceptions, I hope for the better/
That's why I get defensive when they do you wrong/
Blown calls when they foul-gotta move along/
Cause it aint up to me how you get down with others/
Only control when I'm raw dawg-no rubbers/
Trying to please you the way you do me/
It's an oral fixation not used loosley/
If the world had a price it would bear your name/
Worth every cost you came with-dont care for change/
You're a dime in rough times get me through/
In to you tho biz is a risky move
It's what you mean to me/
It's what you mean to me/
Its what you mean to me/
And others they will come and go but forever is what you'll mean to me

(Verse 2: Rhias)
I found the deepest inspirations in the words and beats/
As the boomboxes battle drum patterns with emcees/
Lyrical time signature is a native tongue/
Dance on streets of gold carve silhouettes of setting suns/
A poetic masterpiece for those loved lost and/
An ode to finding love when all hope just seemed lost when/
You were collapsed and awkward the music brought you back/
I'm sending her notes in broken beats and hand claps/
Pebble skip measurements of where the music going/
For what it's worth it was with you on those nights alone/
I feel my heartbeat beat in 4/4 ‘cause/
I'm for ever embedded into the microphone…so check it
“Gotta be something for me to write this”
“I never knew a lo-love, a love like this”
“Gotta be something for me to write this”
“They used to do it out in the park”
“Hip-Hop you the love of my life and that’s true”

Track Name: Lights
Before they turn on the lights(x )
Before they (x )
(Verse 1)
Clock out long day ready to go
Time to split this bitch head my way home/
Happy hour on the road-rushing to rage/
Holler @ the homies-so done with today/
Forget about worries stuck on our mind
Like Janet did El leave em all behind/
Rhythm of the nite beats it out your soul/
Drink drank drunk clouds of smoke/
That's party protocol - what we expect/
Yes you bet-pressed pimped prepped/
Pregame ritual in full effect/
Forty & a shot-fun fuel ingest/
“Down it dude”
that's what I'm 'bout to do
Take it to the face-not allowed to spew/
Getting started it's on tonite/
Fumes clear phone rings sets the mood right
Lights-flashin-time for some action
“Time Time for some action”
(Verse 2)
I'm so fresh now-time to step out/
Homies here to swoop- drive the best route
Smashing to sound check buzz hitting hard/
At the venue-get what's in the car/
Turntables-check. Then a mic check/
But we only deal with dollars so don't write checks/
Door burst @ nine-four first in line
Been waiting for hours and for sure is fine/
Down a blocks length they all got stank/
Sticky icky oooweeeee called "For Gods Sake"/
Airs filled with something-amazing aroma/
Heaven on earth-they say that's a coma/
Piece is packed time to burn the roof down/
No water needed my flow makes 'em move now
Getting started set the mood right/
Freaks hit the floor flash red blue like

(Verse 3)
Parties jumping @ Es Nine's will/
Still kills steel wheels that left right skill/
Stepping back stage a quick sesh/
That's when the nite became a big mess/
One shot 2 shots hit the makers mark/
Straight to the gut what a way to start/
A downward spiral you can download viral I know a hellah side show/
They'd be talking anyway about our set alone/
Not to mention events when we headed home/
After after parties an after thought/
Prolly shouldn't drive can barely get my ass to walk/
Equipment loaded engine is purring
Close one eye so vision aint blurring/
Rearview flash full of red blue lights/
What a wack way to end tonite…
Track Name: Beast Mode Ft. Ichiban & Deca
(Verse1: Mane Rok)
Came up with wild animals-concrete jungle king/
My pride derives from L.I.F.E. oddly humbling/
Surrounded by predator prose especially those/
With killer instincts from their head to their toes/
Prowlers prey try to dodge but meet the end of their road/
Dawg don't even trip you'll see what heaven will hold/
Laughing at packs of scavengers that alllllll act like savages/
Bottom of the food chain-we'll severe your throats/
Go for jugulars end it quick
Aint what you expect to get/
En Stereo Guerillas
Can't fuck with us ever bitch/
Hyenas follow footprints searching for scraps/
Biters talk shit in back that's only Heard in a pack/
Let em do what they do when it's through Venom spewed/
Means they're still snakes slithering aint shit left to prove/
Call it like IT IS we kings feast on ducks/
Ichiban snatch the mic & please beast these punks!

(Verse 2: Ichiban)
Serve them dudes trying to hurt my muse/
Seen the dirt guys do from a worms eye view/
I mastered the art-perfect a portrait/
By acting my part-effected the court ship/
Inseperable till the death Imma flow/
Head on that road to where I’m destined to go/
The flesh and the bone is never ever lasting/
So always gotta keep it better than imagine/
A flash of lightning, basking in it’s brillance/
Snatch the mic and start smashing their feelings/
Beware of wolves hunting in packs/
They come and attack from the front and the back/
Caught up in the freenzy in the midst of the blood lust/
Put them under pressure till their contents combust/
Explode on the scene and I know they shook (Why?!)
‘Cause I can read them like an open book/
Use, caution often, watch it unveil/
Failure not an option-gotta prevail/
Doors opening haters loathing me/
‘cause the O.N.E. be the chosen see/
“Cause I’m number 1 competition is none”
(Verse 3: Deca)
Yo-From sheeps clothes to “Beast Mode” peep the steezo/
With three kings that go way back like Steve Biko/
Freeloading in Toledo-off a lovely little freak show/
Spread eagle in the gazebo-we know to separate facts from TV shows/
And Vin Diesels from Beenie Segals/
Mane Rok-East Los (Aww bud)-Ichiban-Japan (Hai!)
Deca One-caucasoid will bite the middle finger off your hand/
Ravenous, collabing to keep the pack sharp/
And on point like ballerinas with track marks/
You’re telling fibs buddy-that lovely little bunny is putty in my hand/
I’ll serenade her like Kid Cudi/
The track starts and I zone-take it home/
Eat a rapper and pick my teeth with a piece of his rib bones/
I got stick stones aimed at your thick domes and words like weaponry/
We merge collectively/
Scarlet harlet Hollywood starlet I hit the G-Spot
Seagram 7-Cheap shots for the easily sweet talked/
I should probably hold my tounge/
‘Cause when I really let loose, it’s like a loaded gun/
Legitimate son,encumberson/
Son-of-a-gun will pummel the drums and Apollo Sun every one of them/
You over slept on the team you dummies/
Full moon fevers in full effect, we stay hungry
Track Name: The Essence Ft. Kam Moye & Prince Po
(Verse 1:Mane Rok)

Maybe it's me and I'm making believe/
With high expectations of the way it should be/
Not that I live in the past just recognize it's gift/
It's the foundation to move forward can't set aside this shit/
I'm that born again BBoy baptized by Boom Bap/
Developed skill unlike rap guys all who lack/
Talent, cadence-control- found the way they should go/
Misleading marketing schemes
Out to take all your dough/
I could dumb it down too but want more for folks/
Not tryna sound like a smartass God only knows/
Need that feeling back raiding records stores on tuesdays/
Reading liner notes like they bible quotes while loops play/
Drums bang flows fresh-argue whos dopest/
Contents under pressures when you mark up the moments/
Get up when they got down-If ya check what's hot now/
Cold carcass of an artist who bargained for a pop sound....


Can’t forget it’s foundation
This gift we’ve been given
“Time to build”
In order to move forward
“Back to the essence, it’s a lot to learn so I studied my lessons”

(Verse 2:Kam Moye)

I’m getting sick or reminiscing, when listening was delightful/
When Hip-Hop was something niggas would physically fight for/
‘Cause now the streets treat true lyricist ice cold/
& they dismiss them ‘cause it’s interesting to white folks/
& they consider traditional rap abstract/
But the fiction that they listen to is pure ass-crack/
What happened to the passion-to the culture and art/
The ghetto brother once he spoke, you’d know he was smart/
He’d put his soul in to the quotes so you’d know them by heart/
Reminiscent of an old school show in the park/
I feel like taking 2 rappers from every state/
Together we gon’ elevate and buld like Noah’s ark/
& painfully I know it can’t be what it once was/
Hip-Hop feels like a strip joint and a gun club/
For dumb fucks we need to just reconstruct/
& if you miss the fun stuff scream “One Love”!


(Verse 3:Prince Po)

The peoples souls was screaming “There gotta be a better way”/
No controlling the demons that’s easing tension thru letter play/
Streets calling, the bleeding and needing a voice/
A new soulful meaning that restore belief in the choice/
That stuggles like asthma, and hit some better breathing/
Thru this form of music-beyond lucrative and it aint never leaving/
Embracing better days, fucking with these super friends/
Save us some from the eight ways & clutches of a gruesome trend/
At least that’s what they decided to call it/
Until the masses couldn’t deny it, and rich kids depended on it/
Now the entire world is sinning on it/
Rapping in commercials-what’s a Big Mac now with out some rhythm on it?
Never considered cornered-maintaining the roots and culture/
The grizzly am morning-blazing for the future vulture/
Prince Po is Ultra-Magnetic/
Hip-Hop will never die dogs, we won’t let it!

Track Name: Make It

“Things aren't really as bad as they seem”
Nope not at all
Hold on or fall
Close calling yall
“You gonna make it”
That's all that we dream
That's all that we hope
That's all that it is
That's all that he wrote
“Things aren't really as bad as they seem”


(Verse 1)

Like my 9-5 aint enough they whine and try to make it rough/
This thing that I love most in my life, decide to take it up/
You better be ready for a heavy load to bear/
This business is bull they on some "lemme hold your shares"/
Sorry homie no, traveling on this lonely road/
I've learned a thing or two, singing blues probably won't/
Fix you're problems if ya got 'em you know what I mean/
We all wanna believe...
“Things aren't really as bad as they seem”
Needs and wants deem dream upon dream weak and daunting/
But we still fight for this thing we fiend for fondly/
We reminisce over simpler days/
Always said but never realized this Isn't a phase/
Innocent ways transformed optimist in a stage/
Of reality checks when he's not getting paid/
@ a loss frustrated clock locked in my sight/
For the win take a shot or stop-n-walk from this fight?


(Verse 2)

Spend each piece of life, like a fight till death/
When we see the light over heights we've set/
You'd think it was clear what we've been speaking for years/
Architects we respect now treat us as peers/
Still, Waters get rough due to tricks of the trade/
Forty Eighty or we maybe get skimped on our pay/
Hate Makes it hard to keep attention and general order/
Of what's important in this battle-let it go soldier/
Alls fair in love and war it goes fist in hand/
So we go another round won't slip again/
Not that we even did the first time Michellin/
Tired but keep on rollin to our missions end/
Discouraged, distracted - Deeply dissapointed/
Then I look to fam and fans keeps me seeking more shit/
Know it aint for everyone as long as we give everything/
There's no regrets so in the back of our minds we tend to sing/

“Things aren't really as bad as they seem”


“Many of have come, but not many endured/
Through The heart aches and pain”


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