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Before they turn on the lights....


Before they turn on the lights(x )
Before they (x )
(Verse 1)
Clock out long day ready to go
Time to split this bitch head my way home/
Happy hour on the road-rushing to rage/
Holler @ the homies-so done with today/
Forget about worries stuck on our mind
Like Janet did El leave em all behind/
Rhythm of the nite beats it out your soul/
Drink drank drunk clouds of smoke/
That's party protocol - what we expect/
Yes you bet-pressed pimped prepped/
Pregame ritual in full effect/
Forty & a shot-fun fuel ingest/
“Down it dude”
that's what I'm 'bout to do
Take it to the face-not allowed to spew/
Getting started it's on tonite/
Fumes clear phone rings sets the mood right
Lights-flashin-time for some action
“Time Time for some action”
(Verse 2)
I'm so fresh now-time to step out/
Homies here to swoop- drive the best route
Smashing to sound check buzz hitting hard/
At the venue-get what's in the car/
Turntables-check. Then a mic check/
But we only deal with dollars so don't write checks/
Door burst @ nine-four first in line
Been waiting for hours and for sure is fine/
Down a blocks length they all got stank/
Sticky icky oooweeeee called "For Gods Sake"/
Airs filled with something-amazing aroma/
Heaven on earth-they say that's a coma/
Piece is packed time to burn the roof down/
No water needed my flow makes 'em move now
Getting started set the mood right/
Freaks hit the floor flash red blue like

(Verse 3)
Parties jumping @ Es Nine's will/
Still kills steel wheels that left right skill/
Stepping back stage a quick sesh/
That's when the nite became a big mess/
One shot 2 shots hit the makers mark/
Straight to the gut what a way to start/
A downward spiral you can download viral I know a hellah side show/
They'd be talking anyway about our set alone/
Not to mention events when we headed home/
After after parties an after thought/
Prolly shouldn't drive can barely get my ass to walk/
Equipment loaded engine is purring
Close one eye so vision aint blurring/
Rearview flash full of red blue lights/
What a wack way to end tonite…


from En Stereo, track released June 23, 2011
All songs written/produced/recorded/mixed & by Es Nine C.Ayala (ASCAP)
All Songs written/produced by Mane Rok S.Baron (ASCAP)
All Cuts by Es Nine



all rights reserved


En Stereo Denver, Colorado

"Mane Rok and Es-Nine took it back to the early '90s with this one, and they knocked it out of the park." - Ru Johnson-Village Voice Media

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