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We all wanna believe...



“Things aren't really as bad as they seem”
Nope not at all
Hold on or fall
Close calling yall
“You gonna make it”
That's all that we dream
That's all that we hope
That's all that it is
That's all that he wrote
“Things aren't really as bad as they seem”


(Verse 1)

Like my 9-5 aint enough they whine and try to make it rough/
This thing that I love most in my life, decide to take it up/
You better be ready for a heavy load to bear/
This business is bull they on some "lemme hold your shares"/
Sorry homie no, traveling on this lonely road/
I've learned a thing or two, singing blues probably won't/
Fix you're problems if ya got 'em you know what I mean/
We all wanna believe...
“Things aren't really as bad as they seem”
Needs and wants deem dream upon dream weak and daunting/
But we still fight for this thing we fiend for fondly/
We reminisce over simpler days/
Always said but never realized this Isn't a phase/
Innocent ways transformed optimist in a stage/
Of reality checks when he's not getting paid/
@ a loss frustrated clock locked in my sight/
For the win take a shot or stop-n-walk from this fight?


(Verse 2)

Spend each piece of life, like a fight till death/
When we see the light over heights we've set/
You'd think it was clear what we've been speaking for years/
Architects we respect now treat us as peers/
Still, Waters get rough due to tricks of the trade/
Forty Eighty or we maybe get skimped on our pay/
Hate Makes it hard to keep attention and general order/
Of what's important in this battle-let it go soldier/
Alls fair in love and war it goes fist in hand/
So we go another round won't slip again/
Not that we even did the first time Michellin/
Tired but keep on rollin to our missions end/
Discouraged, distracted - Deeply dissapointed/
Then I look to fam and fans keeps me seeking more shit/
Know it aint for everyone as long as we give everything/
There's no regrets so in the back of our minds we tend to sing/

“Things aren't really as bad as they seem”


“Many of have come, but not many endured/
Through The heart aches and pain”



from En Stereo, track released June 23, 2011
All songs written/produced/recorded/mixed & by Es Nine C.Ayala (ASCAP)
All Songs written/produced by Mane Rok S.Baron (ASCAP)
All Cuts by Es Nine



all rights reserved


En Stereo Denver, Colorado

"Mane Rok and Es-Nine took it back to the early '90s with this one, and they knocked it out of the park." - Ru Johnson-Village Voice Media

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