Beast Mode Ft. Ichiban & Deca

from by En Stereo (Mane Rok & Es Nine)

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L.I.F.E. Crew MC's...House Of Waxx...this is family!!!


(Verse1: Mane Rok)
Came up with wild animals-concrete jungle king/
My pride derives from L.I.F.E. oddly humbling/
Surrounded by predator prose especially those/
With killer instincts from their head to their toes/
Prowlers prey try to dodge but meet the end of their road/
Dawg don't even trip you'll see what heaven will hold/
Laughing at packs of scavengers that alllllll act like savages/
Bottom of the food chain-we'll severe your throats/
Go for jugulars end it quick
Aint what you expect to get/
En Stereo Guerillas
Can't fuck with us ever bitch/
Hyenas follow footprints searching for scraps/
Biters talk shit in back that's only Heard in a pack/
Let em do what they do when it's through Venom spewed/
Means they're still snakes slithering aint shit left to prove/
Call it like IT IS we kings feast on ducks/
Ichiban snatch the mic & please beast these punks!

(Verse 2: Ichiban)
Serve them dudes trying to hurt my muse/
Seen the dirt guys do from a worms eye view/
I mastered the art-perfect a portrait/
By acting my part-effected the court ship/
Inseperable till the death Imma flow/
Head on that road to where I’m destined to go/
The flesh and the bone is never ever lasting/
So always gotta keep it better than imagine/
A flash of lightning, basking in it’s brillance/
Snatch the mic and start smashing their feelings/
Beware of wolves hunting in packs/
They come and attack from the front and the back/
Caught up in the freenzy in the midst of the blood lust/
Put them under pressure till their contents combust/
Explode on the scene and I know they shook (Why?!)
‘Cause I can read them like an open book/
Use, caution often, watch it unveil/
Failure not an option-gotta prevail/
Doors opening haters loathing me/
‘cause the O.N.E. be the chosen see/
“Cause I’m number 1 competition is none”
(Verse 3: Deca)
Yo-From sheeps clothes to “Beast Mode” peep the steezo/
With three kings that go way back like Steve Biko/
Freeloading in Toledo-off a lovely little freak show/
Spread eagle in the gazebo-we know to separate facts from TV shows/
And Vin Diesels from Beenie Segals/
Mane Rok-East Los (Aww bud)-Ichiban-Japan (Hai!)
Deca One-caucasoid will bite the middle finger off your hand/
Ravenous, collabing to keep the pack sharp/
And on point like ballerinas with track marks/
You’re telling fibs buddy-that lovely little bunny is putty in my hand/
I’ll serenade her like Kid Cudi/
The track starts and I zone-take it home/
Eat a rapper and pick my teeth with a piece of his rib bones/
I got stick stones aimed at your thick domes and words like weaponry/
We merge collectively/
Scarlet harlet Hollywood starlet I hit the G-Spot
Seagram 7-Cheap shots for the easily sweet talked/
I should probably hold my tounge/
‘Cause when I really let loose, it’s like a loaded gun/
Legitimate son,encumberson/
Son-of-a-gun will pummel the drums and Apollo Sun every one of them/
You over slept on the team you dummies/
Full moon fevers in full effect, we stay hungry


from En Stereo, track released June 23, 2011
ll songs written/produced/recorded/mixed & by Es Nine C.Ayala (ASCAP)
All Songs written/produced by Mane Rok S.Baron (ASCAP), Ichiban K. Ninomiya (ASCAP), Deca M. Kenney (SESAC)
All Cuts by Es Nine



all rights reserved


En Stereo Denver, Colorado

"Mane Rok and Es-Nine took it back to the early '90s with this one, and they knocked it out of the park." - Ru Johnson-Village Voice Media

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