What You Mean Ft. Rhias (Air Dubai​)​, Sarah Golay & Jaimee Salgado

from by En Stereo (Mane Rok & Es Nine)

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When did you fall in love....with Hip-Hop


(Verse 1:Mane Rok)
Permanently embedded inside/
A stake of my heart, head and my life/
Nothing can keep us apart that's why I'm Ready to die/
'cause there'll be records of our love setting the vibe/
Growing together molding forever/
Changing perceptions, I hope for the better/
That's why I get defensive when they do you wrong/
Blown calls when they foul-gotta move along/
Cause it aint up to me how you get down with others/
Only control when I'm raw dawg-no rubbers/
Trying to please you the way you do me/
It's an oral fixation not used loosley/
If the world had a price it would bear your name/
Worth every cost you came with-dont care for change/
You're a dime in rough times get me through/
In to you tho biz is a risky move
It's what you mean to me/
It's what you mean to me/
Its what you mean to me/
And others they will come and go but forever is what you'll mean to me

(Verse 2: Rhias)
I found the deepest inspirations in the words and beats/
As the boomboxes battle drum patterns with emcees/
Lyrical time signature is a native tongue/
Dance on streets of gold carve silhouettes of setting suns/
A poetic masterpiece for those loved lost and/
An ode to finding love when all hope just seemed lost when/
You were collapsed and awkward the music brought you back/
I'm sending her notes in broken beats and hand claps/
Pebble skip measurements of where the music going/
For what it's worth it was with you on those nights alone/
I feel my heartbeat beat in 4/4 ‘cause/
I'm for ever embedded into the microphone…so check it
“Gotta be something for me to write this”
“I never knew a lo-love, a love like this”
“Gotta be something for me to write this”
“They used to do it out in the park”
“Hip-Hop you the love of my life and that’s true”



from En Stereo, track released June 23, 2011
All songs written/produced/recorded/mixed & by Es Nine C.Ayala (ASCAP)
All Songs written/produced by Mane Rok S.Baron (ASCAP)
All Cuts by Es Nine



all rights reserved


En Stereo Denver, Colorado

"Mane Rok and Es-Nine took it back to the early '90s with this one, and they knocked it out of the park." - Ru Johnson-Village Voice Media

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