The Essence Ft. Kam Moye & Prince Po

from by En Stereo (Mane Rok & Es Nine)

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Can’t forget it’s foundation
This gift we’ve been given
“Time to build”
In order to move forward
“Back to the essence, it’s a lot to learn so I studied my lessons”


(Verse 1:Mane Rok)

Maybe it's me and I'm making believe/
With high expectations of the way it should be/
Not that I live in the past just recognize it's gift/
It's the foundation to move forward can't set aside this shit/
I'm that born again BBoy baptized by Boom Bap/
Developed skill unlike rap guys all who lack/
Talent, cadence-control- found the way they should go/
Misleading marketing schemes
Out to take all your dough/
I could dumb it down too but want more for folks/
Not tryna sound like a smartass God only knows/
Need that feeling back raiding records stores on tuesdays/
Reading liner notes like they bible quotes while loops play/
Drums bang flows fresh-argue whos dopest/
Contents under pressures when you mark up the moments/
Get up when they got down-If ya check what's hot now/
Cold carcass of an artist who bargained for a pop sound....


Can’t forget it’s foundation
This gift we’ve been given
“Time to build”
In order to move forward
“Back to the essence, it’s a lot to learn so I studied my lessons”

(Verse 2:Kam Moye)

I’m getting sick or reminiscing, when listening was delightful/
When Hip-Hop was something niggas would physically fight for/
‘Cause now the streets treat true lyricist ice cold/
& they dismiss them ‘cause it’s interesting to white folks/
& they consider traditional rap abstract/
But the fiction that they listen to is pure ass-crack/
What happened to the passion-to the culture and art/
The ghetto brother once he spoke, you’d know he was smart/
He’d put his soul in to the quotes so you’d know them by heart/
Reminiscent of an old school show in the park/
I feel like taking 2 rappers from every state/
Together we gon’ elevate and buld like Noah’s ark/
& painfully I know it can’t be what it once was/
Hip-Hop feels like a strip joint and a gun club/
For dumb fucks we need to just reconstruct/
& if you miss the fun stuff scream “One Love”!


(Verse 3:Prince Po)

The peoples souls was screaming “There gotta be a better way”/
No controlling the demons that’s easing tension thru letter play/
Streets calling, the bleeding and needing a voice/
A new soulful meaning that restore belief in the choice/
That stuggles like asthma, and hit some better breathing/
Thru this form of music-beyond lucrative and it aint never leaving/
Embracing better days, fucking with these super friends/
Save us some from the eight ways & clutches of a gruesome trend/
At least that’s what they decided to call it/
Until the masses couldn’t deny it, and rich kids depended on it/
Now the entire world is sinning on it/
Rapping in commercials-what’s a Big Mac now with out some rhythm on it?
Never considered cornered-maintaining the roots and culture/
The grizzly am morning-blazing for the future vulture/
Prince Po is Ultra-Magnetic/
Hip-Hop will never die dogs, we won’t let it!



from En Stereo, released June 23, 2011
All songs written/produced/recorded/mixed & by Es Nine C.Ayala (ASCAP)
All Songs written/produced by Mane Rok S.Baron (ASCAP), Kam Moye K. Moye (ASCAP), Prince Po L. Baskerville (ASCAP)
All Cuts by Es Nine



all rights reserved


En Stereo Denver, Colorado

"Mane Rok and Es-Nine took it back to the early '90s with this one, and they knocked it out of the park." - Ru Johnson-Village Voice Media

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